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2011-01-08 10:12:50 by penguin54

My possibly shortest anim past the judgement?

teh wat lol.

doesnt seem to stay here for long though.

at least it got that far...

I miss Matrix Rayne...

2010-08-02 18:05:19 by penguin54

I seriously miss Matrix rayne. Yes there were a shitload of shitty mods and spammers but that's not important! The thing I really miss are those people on rayne. And another thing is that Rayne was the only site where I was a somebody! I mean like here in NG, Facepunch, DeviantArt and Youtube I'm a nobody! I'm just another 14 year old kid who most people barely know about! Sure I've met a few people from Rayne on the internet but That's just not it! And Meltdown forums, where they all also used to be is now dead! Except for a few people trolling the shoutbox...
You're probably thinking something like "Dude you really take that seriously?".
Yes! I am taking it seriously! Because when I was a "somebody" on Rayne I had something to be proud of ! you know?
Coz the only thing I can be proud of at the moment is my drawing skill and my passion against 3d modeling!
So basically:
I miss the times I went to matrix rayne and said something that people notice, I miss rating 1/5's on crappy mods and telling noobs to GTFO and rating 5's on stuff worth getting into the Editor's pics list which I could've only dreamed of getting into, I miss those epic and historic threads like the one everyone wanted Silent234(or something) to get out, or the longcat thread which was the longest thread of Matrix rayne! (seriously it took about 5 minutes to get to the bottom of the thread o.o).
But now, it's all gone!

Sure I was a noob when I joined rayne, but with all the time I spent on rayne I learned more how to behave on internet and meanings of words like "trolling" or "spamming" or "sarcasm" (I'm not american/english).

So now you are probably thinking "Why the fuck am I reading this bullshit?"
Well, that's your own problem.

Yeah so that's it for this time.

OH and also a pic of my latest 3d project for ya guys :3

I miss Matrix Rayne...


2010-06-02 16:24:52 by penguin54

I've read this from 3 different news sources which confirms it's true.

Even though I am 9/10 days late It's very shocking that Slipknot's bassist Paul Gray a.k.a No.2 was found dead in his hotel room in Iowa.


And the cause of his death is still a mystery as the autopsy gave no results...

Well I am shocked as hell as I am a HUUUGGGEEE fan of slipknot!

Well R.I.P Paul Gray :c


I started 3D modeling...

2010-05-03 15:03:53 by penguin54

So I started modeling a couple of days ago and I have just finished my first project!

Well yeah no one cares...

I feel so lonely and stupid...

2010-04-11 16:28:03 by penguin54

No matter where I go, I can't say a word "slipknot" without getting a bunch of haters to tell me that this band sucks...

SlipKnoT has millions of fans, but I feel like I'm the only one...
Whenever I start an arque I lose... and after losing I feel SO STUPID!

Every time this happens, I realize that I'm just a kid... just a stupid childish kid who's speech is static for everyone else...



Mothman poster

2009-12-28 07:16:20 by penguin54

Hey guys! I tried making a mothman poster in photoshop today and it turned out pretty good in my option, so I thought I could show ya guys.

Tell me what ya think, please!

[EDIT]: If you don't know who mothman is then google it!

Mothman poster


2009-12-24 04:21:36 by penguin54

Christmas is here again and every single kid is like "OOOMGG!!!!11XMAS FOAR LIEF!!!!!111LOLOLOL!!"
And it's pretty annoying but yeah they're just kids. But the reason I hate christmas is that it's just horrible in my home!

Typical christmas in my home: Well the day before 24th december my 3 sisters come for a visit and stay for weeks and the bad thing? THEY HAVE CHILDREN!!! yes little babies! Running around the house,
screaming, yelling and make me sick when having lunch or dinner because they eat like pigs(even worse btw).

Also presents! I've hated christmas since I was 11! I've been getting TOTALLY useless presents all those years! Like last year I got some cheap-ass cook book! Like are you kidding me? Me? Cooking? Don't make me laugh!

That's it??? Hell no! the other reason is simply that christmas is a happy time and I'm totally not a happy person.

Oh yeah and in school they play that horrible christmas music sang by kids! IT'S JUST HORRIBLE! Because I listen to SlipKnot and stuff like that and Imagine my reaction for some kiddy christmas music!O_o

Well yeah that's it!
I hope at least you people enjoy your christmas!

DJperegrine has finally quit paying the $100 server fee per month.
but all is not lost!
A new site is up!

and this note is for the people who actually know about this site (Sifter1337 and AccuracyUP for example).

That's all!


2009-08-30 14:41:11 by penguin54

I was in England for a week! actually I got back to Estonia weeks ago!but I just forgut to tell u guys!

so yeah

been working on MKA2 !

31% of progress at the moment!

well yeh